Boonah automatics also specialises in using a wide range of Wynn’s Products that benefit any vehicle in major ways. These products are worth while and can’t be bought individually or in any local shops.

Boonah Automatics
Boonah Automatics

Some of the products used are:

1. Wynn’s Engine Management kit – Which consists of an engine flush (power cleans engine oil systems), inject-a-clean (cleans dirty injectors in engine) and friction proofing (reduces friction and wear).

2. Wynn’s Diesel Purge/ Injector clean – formulated to clean fuel systems including the injectors, combustion chambers and air intake systems

3.Wynn’s Automatic transmission flush – formulated to extend transmission life, promote smoother gear shift and reduce wear by flushing oil fluid out and pumping new fluid in

4. Wynn’s Power steering flush – reduces hard steering and shudder when cold and prevents seal leaks

5. Wynn’s Cooling system flush – Flushes out the entire system of contaminants and replaces the coolant mixture

6.Wynn’s radiator flush – Lubricates water pump seals and prevents corrosion

Ask our staff about these range of products for any queries about how they work, we also keep a range of other additives that can be supplied or ordered in.